Balloon Lights

Looking for something other than the usual Floodlights to light your Event?

Use our Crystal Balloon Lights!

Lighting balloons are functional and decorative and can also reinforce your brand with the use of logos. They can be arranged in visually appealing ways and are projection friendly. They are dimmable and create a beautiful ambience with the use of colour.

Our Crystal Balloon Lights have a soft quality of light that is glare free and shadow free in a full field of view. Lighting balloons provide your event or function with an eco friendly energy efficient option for lighting large areas.

1 x 2.4kW Crystal Balloon Light will light approx 2500m² evenly through 360° compared to 4 x 1kW conventional lights needed to give the same effect.
Crystal Balloon lights are also time efficient, needing little structural support (eg. trusses) to install.
Crystal Balloon Lights can be quickly installed in a variety of methods, from rigid or telescopic poles to winch-ups depending upon surface and environmental factors.

What can Crystal Balloon Lights be used for?

Dinner or Function Lighting ~ Area Lighting ~ Brand Recognition ~ Decorative Effects ~ Projection Surfaces Sponsorship Branding ~ Directional Signage

What functions would you use them for?

Weddings ~ Parties ~ Trade Shows ~ Conferences Sporting Events ~ Festivals ~ Fashion Shows ~ Concerts ~ Exhibitions

In what locations?

Marquees ~ Parks ~ Sporting Grounds ~ Gardens Halls ~ Beaches ~ Foreshore ~ Function Rooms ~ Theatres

Need lighting in your back of house work areas or just to fill a public walkway? 

Use our Sirocco Balloon Lights!


Giving usable lighting in a 25 metre radius Sirocco Balloon Lights offer glare free and shadow free 360º coverage.

Like our Crystal Balloon Lights you can apply cut lettering to the skin for  information or directions in your back of house areas.

With a Sirocco Balloon Light you require less power than conventional lighting thus you create less greenhouse gas emissions making your event cleaner and greener.

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