What is one of the hardest things to get people attending your event to see?


Try our Inflatable Balloon Lights.

Apollo Lighting Service offers you a cost effective way of getting your branding noticed. Lighting Balloons are a great way for you or your sponsors to get brand recognition, and they double as area lighting at night-time. Tube or Cone Lights are a unique alternative to grab the attention of your patrons and also offer light at night.

Our inflatable lights are available in coloured options, which when used with patterns or symbols will enhance the Décor Theming of your event or function. We can help you realise your vision and maximise the potential of any location – indoor or outdoor – to create something special.

Talk to us about your event concept or brand strategy for innovative solutions.

Brand an Apollo Inflatable Light today!

Technical specifications:

– Up to 4 colour’s per logo

– 2 Logos per skin (standard)

– Full wrap available

– Artwork scaled to suit

– Special shaped skins can be manufactured

– Single Event use (standard)

– Multi event use by negotiation

Standard dimensions for logos

Balloon – 1100mm wide by 600mm high

Cone – 600mm wide by 600mm high

Tube – 300mm wide by 1200mm high

(Tube can be up to 4200mm high)

Contact us for pricing options and conditions.

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