Event Lighting

Just some of our Site Lighting Capabilities

Venue Lighting:
Fluro’s, Rice Lanterns or Festoons in various sizes from 10m to 100m to suit your needs.
Bud lights, Chandeliers, Hi-Bay, Lo-Bay, Colour Wall Wash, Par-cans,
Emergency Floods, Fluro’s and Exit lights whatever your venue requires.

Site lighting:

Flood lights from 20W Led ‘s to 1000W Metal Halide
LED lights from 20W to 200W, QI’s from 150W to 1500W Metal Halide from 150W to 1000W

Inflatable Weatherproof Lights:

200W LED Crystal Balloon – 400W Metal Halide Sirocco – 2400W Crystal Balloon
150W Metal Halide Cone Light 600W Metal Halide Tube lights
Self Powered Trailer Mounted Lighting Towers from 4000W to 6000W.

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